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Can rain cause car accidents?

In the spring, rainstorms are common. You may have no choice but to drive in one, and many drivers do so safely. However, is it possible for a storm to cause a serious car accident? We know about the threat of winter storms in the northern states, but what about rainstorms in Louisiana?

They certainly can lead to car accidents. The Federal Highway Administration notes that they can impact driving through:

  • Lane obstruction
  • Visibility distance
  • Pavement friction

Drunk drivers may fare better in accidents

Do you ever feel like, in a drunk driving accident, it is the other person - and not the drunk driver who caused the crash -- who fares worse? Maybe you got injured in a crash that the drunk driver walked away from without a scratch. Maybe you spent months in the hospital while they seemed to recover right away. It feels unfair.

You're not biased and you're not imagining things. Studies have found that alcohol does have an impact on injuries. Some have suggested that drunk drivers are not as rigid at the time of the crash, for instance, and that being loose and unresponsive actually helps them avoid injuries.

Living with chronic pain after an accident

Some injuries that you suffer in a car accident may never fully heal. This can lead to chronic pain. Doctors may warn you that all they can do is treat the symptoms -- by giving you painkillers -- but they cannot necessarily help you overcome the cause of those symptoms.

What is it like to live with chronic pain? It can be draining. Other people probably will not really understand how you feel. They won't understand how it impacts your day. This can get frustrating and feeling like you're the only one with this "invisible" problem can really take a toll.

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To prevent motorcycle accidents, drivers must be aware

After many serious motorcycle crashes caused by other drivers, those drivers offer an all-too-simple explanation for the crash: They never saw the motorcycle at all. They pulled out of a driveway or turned left across the oncoming lanes, thinking the way was clear. Then the bike slammed into the car, seemingly coming out of nowhere.

Unfortunately, some drivers like to blame motorcyclists for these accidents. They claim that the riders must have been breaking the speed limit to show up so fast. They blame black bikes and black leather jackets, saying they couldn't see the other person because they blended into the road. They accuse the riders of reckless, dangerous behavior.

How do we change dangerous driving habits?

People have bad habits in every area of their lives. They don't exercise as much as they wish they did, they don't have a healthy diet, they drink or smoke too much. There are countless examples. The entire idea of a New Year's resolution is to pick a habit -- or multiple habits -- to break.

This basic idea also extends to the road. You have drivers who make it a habit to leave too late for work, for instance, and then they end up driving recklessly as they try to get there on time. You have drivers who always text and drive, understanding that they shouldn't but not feeling like they can break away from the habit of looking at the phone. You also have people with casual bad habits like speeding, tailgating and turning without a blinker. They'd don't think about it. They just do it.

Tailgating doesn't help in a traffic jam

You see it all the time in traffic jams: Impatient drivers inching up to tailgate the cars ahead of them. Many people drive with just a few feet between their bumpers.

It's a bit perplexing, really. Does the extra foot or two really make a difference? Will they really get where they're going all that much sooner? After all, they're not going to "push" the entire line of cars forward. No one in that traffic jam wants to be in the traffic jam. Tailgating doesn't solve it, and many experts note that it just makes things worse.

Pickup hits car, killing son and pregnant mother

Two people are dead after a tragic car accident in Louisiana. It was a two-vehicle crash, and as of the latest reports, the Louisiana State Police are still conducting an investigation to determine exactly what happened.

As of now, it appears that a 27-year-old woman was driving down I-10. She and her 7-year-old son, both of whom were from Baton Rouge, were in the car together. It was also carrying a man and his son, a 3-year-old. Additionally, the young woman was pregnant and carrying twins.

Statistics to back up motorcycle helmet use

When learning how to ride a motorcycle and looking into the gear that you'll need to buy, the top recommendation from most experts is to take your time and buy the best helmet for you. It should fit perfectly, it should be highly rated and it should give you protection every time you get on your bike -- from short trips across town to long road trips all over the country.

That said, there are riders who feel like a helmet is uncomfortable and unnecessary. There are also those who simply don't find them fashionable. They choose not to wear them, figuring it cannot make that much of a difference.

Most wrong-way crashes involve alcohol

Have you ever seen a car going the wrong way down the highway? It's a terrifying sight, even if it's not in your lane when it happens. You know instantly that something is very wrong and that a lot of people are in significant danger.

But why does it happen? The road systems, especially on the interstate, make it very obvious which way you're supposed to drive. On top of that, the other traffic makes it just as obvious even when someone happens to get on the road going the wrong way. It's just a mistake that shouldn't happen, a type of crash no one should ever experience.

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