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Excessive drinking in Louisiana is higher than average

Excessive drinking in Louisiana is slightly higher than the national average, according to statistics from health professionals. They consider excessive drinking to be binge drinking, or having five or more drinks during the same event. That guide is for men. For women, it is slightly lower, at four or more.

They also counted having 15 or more drinks in a single week, for men, or 8 or more for women. This was not known as binge drinking, but as chronic drinking.

There are a lot of new Amazon drivers on the roads

Amazon's online sales have soared in recent months. They're shipping out an incredible amount of products, and the demand just seems to keep rising. To keep up with it, they have started hiring new workers.

In March, they added 100,000 new workers. About a month later, in April, they hired 75,000 more. It became very clear that they were bringing on a massive new workforce in a short time.

6 reasons drivers cause motorcycle accidents

For motorcyclists, sharing the road with far larger vehicles can be rather unnerving. They are well aware of the size difference, the fact that they have little protection and the way that a single mistake by another driver can put them in the hospital.

Staying safe starts with proper safety equipment and driving practices, but it also means understanding what causes these accidents. What types of mistakes do drivers make? Without driver error, the vast majority of traffic crashes would never happen. To begin analyzing the risks, here are six major categories that lead to accidents:

  1. Decision errors
  2. Perceptual errors
  3. Alcohol impairment
  4. Vehicle speed
  5. Driver inattention
  6. Incapacitation

Governor vetos car insurance damages bill

The Louisiana governor did not agree with other lawmakers in the state, who had passed a new bill that would reform the way car accident damages are handled. The bill sought to limit how much could be obtained in a lawsuit, and the trade-off was that those who supported the bill said car insurance rates would go down as a result.

However, when the bill landed on his desk, the governor said he did not have enough assurance that the rates really would drop. Lacking that, he saw no reason to limit damage claims, and so he vetoed the bill.

Drivers make poor choices, and it puts you at risk

Drivers make hundreds of choices every time they get behind the wheel. Most of them are good choices or at least decisions that do not have negative consequences.

However, all it takes is one poor choice out of all those hundreds of choices for them to cause a car accident. If you're sharing the road with them, that puts you at risk. Here are some of the common mistakes they make:

  • Continuing to drive even when the weather gets so bad that no one should be on the road.
  • Making poor left turns, such as turning when there isn't enough space or stopping in the middle of the turn and blocking the lane.
  • Taking pictures, texting or using their smartphone in any way while they drive.
  • Rolling through a stop sign instead of really stopping.
  • Driving aggressively and quickly, which leaves little room for error
  • Eating while they drive in an effort to save time.
  • Using the same roads so often that they get boring and the driver becomes complacent.
  • Driving after having any amount of alcohol to drink.
  • Not stopping at yield signs, even though they're supposed to when other cars are present.
  • Not making good judgments regarding where other cars are positioned, how fast they're going and the like.
  • Driving when they are too tired to be behind the wheel.
  • Passing aggressively just because they want to go faster.
  • Not learning how to use their mirrors or not checking blind spots.

If you can't work, you could file a claim for those lost wages

You had a green light when you drove into the local intersection. You didn't expect to get hit. Unfortunately, the other driver wasn't paying attention and sped through the red light they had. You now have serious injuries to deal with.

When you get into a traffic accident, the reality is that you may no longer have the ability to work or bring in an income. You may have devastating injuries that take away your ability to do your old job or to train for a new one.

The primary reason for accidents involving wrong-way drivers

If you look at each individual case, you can find many different reasons for wrong-way accidents. Sometimes, an elderly driver gets confused and gets on the highway going the wrong way. Other drivers claim not to have seen the warning signs. In some cases, darkness or poor weather conditions could play a role. Some drivers may get confused about what they're supposed to do when the lanes shift in a construction zone. Still others may get on a one-way road going the wrong way because they're confused about what the GPS is telling them to do.

However, when you track out the statistics, you can definitely find patterns and reasons that show up more consistently than others. When you look at it that way, you find that nothing causes these accidents more than driver impairment.

When loads shift, trucks can get into accidents

A semi-truck driver has to always remain conscious that his or her vehicle is far different than the passenger cars around them. It's larger, it's heavier, it requires longer stopping distances and it may even be top-heavy, making rollover accidents more likely. Drivers need to know how to carefully handle these vehicles to reduce the risks.

One serious risk to keep in mind is that the heavy load that the truck is carrying can shift under certain circumstances -- such as going around a sharp corner at too high of speed -- and that can cause accidents. Trucks have a maximum weight of 80,000 pounds, and much of that is in cargo. It can send the truck out of control.

Louisiana Senate passes major legal changes to car accident cases

A Republican Senator in Louisiana recently proposed a new bill that would change the way car accident cases are handled in the state, and the Senate voted to pass it into law. It went through by a vote of 29-8. It will next go to the House.

The goal of the bill is to "limit damage claims" and alter the way those cases are presented. For instance, many cases simply go before a judge, who then makes a ruling. Under the new law, more cases are expected to go to a jury trial, instead. This way, more people would be involved in the decision-making process. The bill would also:

  • Add a cap on some damages
  • Increase some of the time limits for filing
  • Focus more on negotiations to settle
  • Limit the instances when a person can directly sue an insurance company

It's hard to reduce dangerous driving

We've all seen dangerous drivers. Maybe it's the person speeding down a residential street where children are playing. Maybe it's the driver texting at a light and forgetting to drive when it turns green. Maybe it's the tailgater who refuses to pass but also won't give you more than a foot of space.

We know it when we see it, and dangerous driving leads to accidents, injuries and fatalities. We know that, as well, and it seems like the solution to our road problems is to simply reduce dangerous driving. If people were safer, they'd crash less often, and we'd save lives.

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