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Truck accidents are complicated. There may be multiple liable parties.

Negligence on the part of truck drivers is an unfortunate reality in many semitruck accidents, but the truck driver's actions aren't the only thing that needs to be considered when determining liability for a crash.

One of the best ways to figure out what led to the crash is to look at the circumstances of the accident. This often comes with an investigation, but it might behoove you to take a look yourself. Here are some potential causes to review:

Motorcyclist killed after crashing into van making U-turn

There are strict traffic laws in Louisiana that are meant to regulate what drivers do when on the road. The goal of this is not to cause an inconvenience, but to make certain that everyone is as safe as possible. However, not all drivers adhere to these laws, and it can cause an accident with injuries, even fatalities.

People on motorcycles are inherently vulnerable to being injured or losing their lives in motorcycle accidents, and this is especially true when a vehicle is making illegal or negligent maneuvers. After a motorcyclist is injured or killed in a crash, it is essential for the rider and his or her family to understand how to seek compensation in a legal filing.

Tips for driving in heavy traffic on Interstate 10

Everyone in this area knows that I-10 can turn into a nightmare when it's busy, especially around Essen Lane and the never-ending construction zone closer to the I-12 split. Unfortunately, some drivers don't take the possibility of slow flowing traffic or traffic jams into account when they leave home. These drivers might drive aggressively and even in reckless manners in order to get where they are going.

There are many ways that you can do your part to stay safe when driving in heavy traffic. One of the primary things you can do is to make sure you are driving in a relaxed manner. Road rage and aggression when you drive can lead you to take chances that could cause an accident. If you are in heavy traffic, remember these tips:

NHTSA investigates flaw in Goodyear tires and car accidents

Louisianans place immense trust in their vehicles. They trust those who manufacture every part. One of the fundamental parts of any motor vehicle is the tires. If there is a problem with the way the tires are made, people can be placed in danger of being in a car accident and suffering severe injuries and death. When there is a spate of accidents with a specific type of tire, researchers will examine the situation and seek common denominators. This is especially egregious if companies are not forthcoming with this information to help those who are in jeopardy be aware of the potential dangers. Such is the case with a certain kind of Goodyear tire that is used on motorhomes.

According to an investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there might have been up to 95 injuries and fatalities because of Goodyear tires that were sold from 1996 to 2003 and placed on motorhomes. These issues have come up in the past 20 years.

Underage driver in car kills two in head-on motorcycle accident

For a motorcyclist, there are many dangers on Louisiana roads. Many drivers of conventional vehicles are troublingly unaware of motorcycles, do not yield to them as they should, fail to share the road with them, and perform other negligent or reckless acts that place riders in jeopardy. When there are motorcycle accidents, the rider can suffer significant and catastrophic injuries. It is not uncommon for these crashes to be fatal for the motorcyclist. After a crash, it is crucial to understand the value of having legal assistance to consider a lawsuit to be compensated.

A head-on crash between a motorcycle and a car killed the two people on the motorcycle. The accident occurred at around 2 a.m. The driver of the 2017 Nissan Versa was a 14-year-old. The riders were a 42-year-old man and a 45-year-old woman. They rode a 2001 Harley-Davidson. According to the law enforcement investigation, the rider was heading east and the Versa was heading west when the child went into the eastbound lane. The vehicle and the motorcycle collided. The car continued until it hit a utility pole. The riders were declared dead at the site of the crash. The teen driver was moderately injured and taken to the hospital. Impairment is not believed to have been an issue.

Child car accident victim suffers several injuries in hit and run

Drivers in Baton Rouge and throughout Louisiana must be vigilant about pedestrians as they cross the street. Drivers who fail on both ends can cause injuries and fatalities in car accidents. It is also important that after an accident, they stop their vehicle, render aid, if necessary, call for emergency services and give their information to any victims. Those who are driving and commit a hit-and-run will not only face the aftermath of any injuries or deaths that occur, but also criminal charges. And, victims must be aware of their rights to seek compensation in a legal filing after such a crash.

An early evening accident between a car and a pedestrian sent a 10-year-old girl to the hospital. The girl was riding her bicycle. Her 16-year-old sister was with her on foot. As they waited to cross the street to go to the store, a car hit the girl on the bike. It then fled the scene.

Legal assistance is crucial after commercial vehicle accidents

Simply looking out of a window in Louisiana, and it is easy to see the number of commercial vehicles that are on the road. Sharing the road with these large vehicles that are frequently moving at a high rate of speed can be intimidating. In some cases, it can be downright scary. Since these trucks, buses and taxis are so common, integral to the economy and being able to travel efficiently, there is no eliminating them. Along with that will come the inevitable accidents. Those who have been injured in a crash with a commercial vehicle should remember their rights to seek compensation in a lawsuit.

Every year, there are an estimated half-million accidents involving trucks across the U.S. Because these trucks are so prevalent and they are sometimes operated recklessly, by a driver who is suffering from driver fatigue, or is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, there can be serious injuries and fatalities. People who are in smaller vehicles or are pedestrians will have little chance to get away from a truck accident unscathed. After the accident, a legal filing is often the only method to recover sufficient damages to cover for the hospital costs, lost time at work and other issues that will come up. If there was a fatality, this makes it even more vital to think about a lawsuit.

Horrifying underride crashes almost always preventable

When you see images of the worst, most catastrophic collisions between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles, you may see vehicles damaged in an underride collision. These crashes occur when a smaller vehicle ends up underneath the larger commercial truck. The passenger vehicle often ends up crushed or may even have the top sheared off. The potential injuries to the occupants often prove fatal in these crashes.

The worst thing about underride collisions is that trucking companies can usually prevent them by investing in special guards for the commercial trucks. However, because of the cost, most companies choose only to install legally mandated guards and to gamble with the safety of everyone else on the road.

Traffic cones dropped from utility truck leads to auto accident

Louisiana drivers who are paying strict attention to their surroundings will be watching for other vehicles, motorcycles, pedestrians and anyone else who comes into their vicinity. Other factors that can cause an auto accident include the weather or an unexpected issue with an automobile. Road hazards due to a negligent driver might not often be considered, but are a variable that can cause severe car accidents and result in serious injuries and death. When there is not an immediate knowledge as to what caused the road hazard, it becomes even more important for the injured person and the family of a person who might have died in an auto accident to have legal help.

Multiple vehicles on the road were involved in an accident when traffic cones fell off a truck. Two of the vehicles flipped over. In the series of accidents, two people were hurt. According to the general manager of the bridge, the cones fell off a utility company vehicle. This occurred in the late afternoon at around 3:30 p.m. Three of the cones landed in the right lane. Two were in the left. Both lanes were essentially blocked. Law enforcement was called about the cones. One officer stopped to remove them. Two vehicles stopped behind the cruiser. But a third vehicle hit them from behind. This led to the vehicles flipping with one on its roof, the other on its side. The injured people were hospitalized. The investigation into this incident is ongoing.

Pedestrian-auto accident numbers maintain high levels

Any auto accident in Baton Rouge, throughout Louisiana and across the nation can be dangerous, but some of the worst kinds of crashes involve a pedestrian. Because pedestrians are totally vulnerable and do not have the protection accorded by being in a vehicle of their own, they can suffer from catastrophic injuries and be killed. The number of pedestrian accidents is recorded by researchers and government agencies to see if there are issues they should be concerned about.

One recently released study from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) shows that there were close to 6,000 pedestrian fatalities in 2017. This is essentially the same number that were killed in 2016. These are numbers that have not been this high in 25 years. The executive director of GHSA's statements indicate that this is a red flag that should be considered more than an anomaly. The report that GSHA released is not based on the full statistics as all it had available were the numbers for the first six months of 2017. However, it projects the total for the year to be around 5,984 fatalities from pedestrian accidents.

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