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What injuries are frequently suffered in a motorcycle accident?

Owning a motorcycle can be exciting. Riders may take their bike out on a nice day to commute to work or even take a long ride with other bikers. Regardless of the reason for getting on a motorcycle, it is clear that riding one presents some dangers. For example, not all motorists take the time to locate potential motorcyclists traveling around them. Thus, a simple maneuver such as changing lanes on the highway could be life-altering for a motorcyclist struck by a negligent driver.

The aftermath of a motorcycle crash can be gruesome and tragic. The injuries and pains suffered by a victim are unlike ay other. Because a motorcyclist does not enjoy the same safety features as other motorists, he or she relies on his or her safety gear for protection. Without a hard outer shell, bikers are likely to be thrown off of their motorcycle, resulting in additional injuries from coming into contact with the pavement or grass.

Regulations seek to address fatigued truck driving

Drivers in Louisiana frequently share the roads with large commercial trucks. Whether it is the middle of the day or the middle of the night, semi-truck and tractor-trailer trucks can be seen traveling long and short distances across the state. A major concern regarding truckers is fatigue. Because drowsy driving is very dangerous and can pose many risks on the roadways, federal regulations have been passed to address this concern.

While federal trucking regulations already address this issue by setting standards for hours of service and required breaks, this does not always address drowsy driving. One major issue that can contribute to fatigued truck drivers is sleep apnea. If this is not properly caught and monitored, it will not matter if hours of service regulations are followed.

Helping clients recover a favorable award following a truck crash

Large commercial trucks maintain an important role in society. Any motorist in Louisiana can attest that it is fairly common to share the roads with semi-trucks and tractor-trailer trucks. While it is commonplace to see these massive vehicles on the roadways, this does not make it any easier for motorists to travel near them. Commercial trucks do not operate the same way as smaller vehicles, which is why they require special training by truck drivers to properly maneuver them. Nonetheless, some truckers operate their vehicles without the proper training, drive while overworked and fatigued, and trucking companies often overlook federal trucking regulations in order to make timely deliveries. These situations could lead to a serious or even fatal truck accident.

The aftermath of a truck crash can be devastating. Smaller motor vehicles cannot withstand the size and power of a commercial truck, often resulting in a destructive accident wreck that can leave victims with a wide variety of injuries ranging from scratches and bruises to broken bones and head injuries. At the Lucky Law Firm, PLC, our experienced attorneys understand how a truck accident can tremendously alter the lives of victims. Thus, we are dedicated to helping truck accident victims in the Baton Rouge area understand their rights and options following a truck crash.

Proceed with caution on the roads during the Fourth of July

Throughout the United States, including the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area, people love to celebrate their Fourth of July holiday. For some, it could be as simple as taking the family out to watch the parade or fireworks. For others, it means firing up the grill and hosting family and friends for a good ol' American barbeque. No matter how you celebrate the holidays, it is important to remember that many others on the road may not be as responsible, and may get behind the wheel after having too much to drink.

Drunk driving accidents injure and kill thousands of Americans each year. No matter how cautious of a driver you may be, you cannot account for the others you are sharing the road with. It might be someone behind you who has a slower reaction time and does not stop when you stop in front of him. Or, it could be someone who cannot focus on the road and may swerve into your lane or oncoming traffic.

Parents are often to blame for car accident deaths to children

We all know that car accidents can be serious, but how often do serious car accidents affect children? The answer may be more alarming than you may have expected.

When we strap our kids into our car and head out on the roads, the last thing on our minds is the possibility of a car accident. Yet, as we discuss each week, accidents on the roads throughout the United States, including Baton Rouge, Louisiana, kills tens of thousands of Americans each year. Often children. So, what are the leading factors that cause injuries and deaths to children in car accidents?

What to do following a commercial vehicle accident

No one expects to get into an accident when they hop in their car and head out on the roads. But accidents happen, often causing damage, injuries and even deaths every day in the United States. While one can never predict if or when they will be in an accident, it can be helpful to know what to do in the event of an accident.

Immediately following an accident, a victim's mind will not be operating normally. Adrenaline will be running high throughout the body and often a person acts on instinct. While this is sometimes helpful, there are times when obvious and important steps are not taken. First and foremost, anyone in an accident should make sure that no one is injured and, if there are injuries, that the victims are not in immediate harm. If they are not in immediate harm, they should not be moved until emergency professionals arrive. This leads to step two, call the police.

With summer nearly here, look out for motorcycles

The unofficial beginning of summer for many Americans, Memorial Day weekend, has come and gone, indicating that summer is officially right around the corner. As the weather continues to warm and more people take time off to enjoy themselves, motorcycle enthusiasts throughout the country will take to the roads.

While most motorcyclists are overly cautious, the majority of people on the roads, in cars and trucks, are not always conscious or aware of the increase of motorcycles, which could lead to an accident. Due to their smaller size, motorcycles are often harder to see on the roads. And due to the vulnerabilities of motorcyclists, accidents are often serious.

Truck accidents kill thousands of Americans each year

While we often see and share the roads with large trucks, it is often overlooked how dangerous trucks can be. Significantly larger than typical cars, they pose much larger risks for severe, catastrophic or even deadly results when involved in an accident.

Boating accidents lead to hundreds of deaths each year

While all Americans are aware of the dangers of driving while intoxicated on the roads, it is also worth taking into consideration that boating accidents claim hundreds of lives and injure thousands throughout the United States, including victims from the Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana area, every year. Considering that there are far fewer boats on the water at any given time, and there is more space on the waters than on the roads, many hazards can be overlooked.

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