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Truck accident kills Claiborne Parish man

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

It may be easy for many people in Louisiana to feel intimated by the massive semi-trucks and tractor-trailers they see on the state’s roads and highways. Yet those feelings are often mitigated by the assumption that those driving them are highly skilled and familiar with the capacities (and limitations) of their vehicles.

Yet while assumption often proves true, people should remember that truck drivers are still human (and thus subject to the same tendencies and habits everyone else is). This means that issues such as drowsy and distracted driving also plague professional truck drivers.

Elderly man killed in collision with semi-truck

Comments made by authorities may suggest that such problems contributed to a recent collision in Gibsland. According to KSLA News 12, a semi-truck ran into the back of a sedan in the early morning hours. Sadly, the elderly Claiborne Parish man driving the sedan died in the collision, while the truck driver avoided injury.

Authorities reported that the truck driver submitted himself to toxicology testing following the collision (the results of which are still forthcoming). Yet their comments following the collision warned local residents of the dangers of distracted driving (without making any direct reference to that as the cause of the accident).

Accountability for accidents

While few may argue that distractions that lead to car accidents are intentional, that does not mitigate the impact accident victims experience as a result. They may face enormous medical expenses as well as vehicle repair costs. Oftentimes insurance coverage proves insufficient to cover these costs. In such a case, only a liability claim seeking compensation from those responsible for their accidents offers victims needed financial relief.