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What types of road debris cause a truck accident?

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

While on the road, you may notice it is harder to maneuver a large truck when there are objects and dangers in your path.

This road debris often causes truck drivers to swerve and lose control. Being aware of what kinds of debris are most harmful to drivers can help you avoid an accident.


According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, many drivers face dangerous spills of chemicals or other substances regularly. These slick areas on the road can cause someone to turn sharply to avoid skidding across a lane, and ram into another vehicle. This hazard can be even more dangerous when a driver has a delayed reaction time or does not notice the spill right away.

Unsecured moving items

Mattresses or other personal items on the tops of cars can easily fall off if they are not securely fastened. When driving a large vehicle like a truck, you often have less reaction time to stop, which means falling items are more likely to damage your truck.

Debris can also come from unsecured wheels or tires that fall onto the roadway from another vehicle. Moving trucks or cars carrying heavy items often cause crashes during the middle of the day since people are more likely to be transporting moving boxes or items during that time.

Hazardous natural objects

Large sharp objects, such as trees that broke apart and fell on the road, can puncture tires and cause a vehicle to come to a halt. This often leaves truck drivers vulnerable in a busy lane of traffic, such as on a highway. These objects also can cause broken windows or rollovers, as well as severe injuries to the driver and any passengers.