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5 things to know about car accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2021 | Car Accidents |

If you get into a car accident in or around Boston, you are not alone. Many have had similar tragedies, and we understand that the experience is disorienting and frustrating.

Sometimes it helps to know what to expect. To help you organize your thoughts and begin to make sense of your situation, here are some things that many crash injuries have in common.

1. The costs are high

As explained on FindLaw, there are many different types of damages you could recover during a car accident injury case. This is because these injuries take a heavy toll on people, emotionally, financially and physically.

2. You are not alone

Many people will probably come to support you. Even if it feels like you are alone, someone out there is probably ready to advocate on your behalf. Please be cognizant, however, that people do not always have the ability or the responsibility to advise you on decisions that might influence your future.

3. Some offers of help are predatory

Some of the people who offer to help you might have personal gain in mind. Others, particularly those who work for insurers, might be trying to protect their company’s bottom line by giving you an unfair deal. You are your best defender of your own best interests.

4. You can afford an attorney

If you have a valid personal injury claim, it is likely that you can afford an attorney to help you with it. Most lawyers who practice in this area of the law work on contingency, meaning that they do receive payment until you do.

5. You have limited time to act

There is a statute of limitations for car accidents in Massachusetts. However, much of your evidence could degrade before the deadline arrives.

Accessing medical care, keeping your finances healthy: You will have many different challenges after an injury. Securing maximum compensation from the people responsible for your injuries could make your recovery significantly easier.