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6 reasons drivers cause motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents |

For motorcyclists, sharing the road with far larger vehicles can be rather unnerving. They are well aware of the size difference, the fact that they have little protection and the way that a single mistake by another driver can put them in the hospital.

Staying safe starts with proper safety equipment and driving practices, but it also means understanding what causes these accidents. What types of mistakes do drivers make? Without driver error, the vast majority of traffic crashes would never happen. To begin analyzing the risks, here are six major categories that lead to accidents:

  1. Decision errors
  2. Perceptual errors
  3. Alcohol impairment
  4. Vehicle speed
  5. Driver inattention
  6. Incapacitation

Within these categories, you can break things down even further. For instance, a common perceptual error involving motorcycles is when a driver looks directly at the motorcycle and simply fails to see it. This can cause drivers to turn in front of bikes or cut them off.

Similarly, driver inattention can take many forms. A driver may be busy reading a text message on the phone. They may be talking to a passenger. They could be reading road signs and looking for an exit. They may even be using the system in the car, such as the turn signals, the windshield wipers or the radio. Any form of inattention can mean that they do not see a motorcycle and do not react to it properly.

Motorcyclists cannot avoid a lot of these risks. They have to share the road with other drivers. As such, after accidents happen, they need to know how to seek compensation.