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When loads shift, trucks can get into accidents

On Behalf of | May 29, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

A semi-truck driver has to always remain conscious that his or her vehicle is far different than the passenger cars around them. It’s larger, it’s heavier, it requires longer stopping distances and it may even be top-heavy, making rollover accidents more likely. Drivers need to know how to carefully handle these vehicles to reduce the risks.

One serious risk to keep in mind is that the heavy load that the truck is carrying can shift under certain circumstances — such as going around a sharp corner at too high of speed — and that can cause accidents. Trucks have a maximum weight of 80,000 pounds, and much of that is in cargo. It can send the truck out of control.

In some cases, the danger is to the driver. For instance, a driver who hits the brakes too hard risks sending the load sliding forward into the back of the cab. This can seriously injure or kill the driver, and it may mean that the 80,000-pound vehicle is now fully out of control and a danger to those around it on the highway.

In a recent example, a truck was being used to move wooden pallets. They shifted during the drive, moving the center of balance for the truck, and it rolled off the road. No one was injured in that accident, but it’s easy to see how hazardous this can be, especially if a truck rolls onto a car next to it or into the oncoming lanes.

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