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Overloaded trucks; insecure loads are dangerous

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

Although it seems like they can haul just about anything, semi-trucks, just like any other vehicle, have their limits when it comes to how much weight they can pull. Once they are overweight, or if they are improperly loaded, they become extremely dangerous to those in vehicles sharing the road with them.

Overloaded trucks put a lot of undue strain on the truck’s safety equipment. For instance, the tires on an overweight truck are more prone to blowing out because of the extra pressure on them. As with any vehicle, a tire blowout will cause a truck to shift suddenly and may even cause the truck to spin out of control.

Likewise, trucks that are carrying loads that are too heavy are at risk of a full-blown brake failure. They also may be extremely difficult to control when heading down a sharp decline. In any event, the heavier a truck is, the longer it will take for the truck to stop once the driver applies the brakes.

Finally, overloaded trucks may tear up the road or the bridge on which it is traveling. While this may not immediately cause a truck accident, a car which is a few miles behind the truck could be involved in a wreck because of a damaged road.

Both overloaded and improperly secured trucks are also more prone to jackknifing or even rolling over in the event of a sudden movement. Both of these types of accidents can sweep other cars in the truck’s wake right off the road. Finally, insecure loads are at risk of flying out and striking another vehicle even after something as ordinary as a bump in the road.

Drivers and companies which put overloaded trucks on the road are really taking their own lives and the lives of others in their hands. Our law office can help hold such parties accountable if they cause injuries to others as a result of their carelessness.