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Holding a motorist accountable following a motorcycle crash

Whether you rack up thousands of miles a year or only a few hundred, motorcyclists enjoy their time on their bikes. To many, it is a serious hobby, taking to the road as often as they can and seeing new sights. No matter how much it is ridden, bikers are aware of the constant and growing dangers. This often causes them to take safety measures before taking to the road. While these steps do help, they may not be enough to evade a serious accident.

Protecting your rights following a motorcycle crash

Unlike most other motor vehicles, motorcycles are often ridden for pure enjoyment. When the weather is nice, one can enjoy it while driving to places he or she has never been. Just like other motor vehicles on the roadway, motorcycles have the same rights and privileges. This means that other drivers must yield to them, drive a safe distance from them and watch for them in their mirrors and blind spots. However, some motorists fail to do so, causing a serious and even fatal motorcycle crash.

What if a driver refuses a breath test after an accident?

Drivers of all sorts travel on the road: young and old, experienced and inexperienced, automobile drivers and truck drivers, as well as those driving for personal reasons and those driving for work. Additionally, there are drivers that follow the rules of the road and those who do not. For instance, when a driver consumes alcohol and decides to get behind the wheel of a vehicle, he or she is creating a serious risk on the roadways.

Pickup truck driver causes two crashes back to back in Louisiana

When an accident happens, one is likely in shock. They may not know what to do exactly, but remaining at the scene of the crash is not only important but is required by law. Fleeing the scene of an accident does not only expose a driver to legal penalties but could evidence fault in the collision. Nonetheless, the victims of a hit-and-run do have the ability to seek legal recourses; however, this only occurs when the driver is located.

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