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How does pay influence truck driver fatigue?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

Most motorists in Louisiana and elsewhere can likely attest that no matter what time of the day or night that they travel on the highway or interstate, they are likely to share the road with semi-trucks and tractor-trailer trucks. While these large trucks are essential in intrastate and interstate commerce, these massive vehicles also pose risks, as they could be the cause of a serious or even fatal truck crash.

Truck safety is based on the policies of the trucking companies, whether federal trucking regulations are complied with and the training of a truck driver. However, even a well-trained truck driver that is well aware of the rules and regulations could be influenced by their employer, especially when there is a monetary incentive.

How does pay influence truck driver fatigue? Based on current research, the wages earned by truck drivers is far too low, causing truck drivers to work log hours to make a decent living. In order to make more money on a weekly and monthly basis, truck drivers will often work extremely long hours, exceeding legal limits. This increases the chances for fatigue truck drivers.

A fatigued truck driver poses many dangers and risk on the roadways because they are not fully alert. This means that they will have a delayed response if they cross the centerline, go off the road or are approaching a vehicle, stop sign or traffic signal. Thus, it is believed that a rise in pay per mile will help reduce the chances of truck drivers working hours that exceed the current standards. In turn, this could reduce the accidents caused by fatigued truck drivers.

Those harmed in a truck accident should take the time to understand the cause. This could help a victim ascertain how the accident occurred and who is responsible. If a negligent truck driver and even negligent trucking company is to blame, a personal injury claim could help hold them accountable while also helping with the recovery of compensation for losses and damages.

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