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How does pay influence truck driver fatigue?

Most motorists in Louisiana and elsewhere can likely attest that no matter what time of the day or night that they travel on the highway or interstate, they are likely to share the road with semi-trucks and tractor-trailer trucks. While these large trucks are essential in intrastate and interstate commerce, these massive vehicles also pose risks, as they could be the cause of a serious or even fatal truck crash.

How to handle a lowball insurance settlement offer after a crash

Getting into a motor vehicle collision can change your life in a second. One moment, you're headed to work or the store, and the next, someone makes a mistake that injures you severely. Auto accidents can result in a host of severe and debilitating medical issues, from broken bones and spinal cord injuries to paralysis and traumatic brain injuries.

Helping you determine the cause of a truck accident

Commercial trucks play a vital role in intrastate and interstate commerce. Because of that, motorists in Louisiana and elsewhere can frequently see the roads filled with these massive vehicles transporting goods short and long distances. Truck drivers also play a vital role and are entrusted with the responsibility to get their loads to the intended destination on time. Because there is the constant need to get shipments made on time or ahead of schedule, many truck companies push their drivers to drive long hours and through the night.

What makes a driver reckless rather than negligent?

It is often the case that when a car accident happens on a Baton Rouge road that one or more of the involved drivers were acting negligently. A negligent driver is not necessarily one who wants to harm others, but through their carelessness or inattention, create the hazard that leads to the injuries of others. Negligence is a common basis for many personal injury legal cases.

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