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Fatal Louisiana truck accident results in arrest

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2017 | Truck Accidents |

Victims of truck accidents, and their families, are legally protected. A dump truck driver was arrested, a victim was dead and another victim was injured following a truck accident in Louisiana. The truck accident resulted in a fatal 5-car pileup. The 59-year old truck driver was arrested following the deadly accident that claimed the life of a 60-year old woman. Authorities reported, following their investigation, that the driver of the Mack dump truck failed to stop at a red light, causing the accident.

The truck driver failed to stop at the intersection and crashed into the victim’s vehicle as she proceeded through a green light. The impact of the truck accident sent both vehicles across the median which resulted in them crashing into 3 other vehicles. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident and another victim suffered minor injuries. The truck driver was arrested for negligent homicide and disregarding a traffic signal and was booked in jail.

Truck accidents have the potential to cause catastrophic harm and damages to victims and their families due to the dangers the substantially larger vehicles present. When a negligent truck driver has harmed victims and their families, victims and their loved ones may have recourse through personal injury and wrongful death legal options. These options provide resources for victims to recover damages for the physical, financial and emotional harm suffered from the driver or trucking company responsible for causing the truck accident. Criminal charges and citations may be used as evidence of negligence.

Victims of truck accidents and their families may need help following a truck accident. The legal process provides options and resources to help families as they negotiate unthinkable challenges following an unexpected loss.

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