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Legal assistance is crucial after commercial vehicle accidents

Simply looking out of a window in Louisiana, and it is easy to see the number of commercial vehicles that are on the road. Sharing the road with these large vehicles that are frequently moving at a high rate of speed can be intimidating. In some cases, it can be downright scary. Since these trucks, buses and taxis are so common, integral to the economy and being able to travel efficiently, there is no eliminating them. Along with that will come the inevitable accidents. Those who have been injured in a crash with a commercial vehicle should remember their rights to seek compensation in a lawsuit.

Common carriers and the role of negligence in accidents

Many Baton Rouge residents use their personal vehicles to travel to the locations that they must visit. Whether it is for their daily commute to work, shuttling their kids to school or just getting to the store to purchase groceries they rely on their cars, trucks and SUVs to carry them where they need to go.

Drivers of commercial vehicles must hold special licenses

It is a rite of passage for most teenagers to obtain their driver's licenses. Most cannot wait to experience the freedom of getting behind the wheel of a car and taking off on their own. Each and every day, Baton Rouge teens earn the privilege of operating motor vehicles on Louisiana road and freeways.

Commercial drivers who text while operating are dangers to others

Texting and driving is a dangerous practice that has caused injuries and deaths to victims in Louisiana. When a driver takes their eyes away from the road in order to read or respond to a text message they are failing to use care in the execution of their driving responsibilities. A driver who is not looking at the road is a distracted driver and distracted drivers are threats to everyone else who must share streets and highways with them.

Taking action after a commercial truck accident

Life in Louisiana brings with it many surprises. While some of these are positive, like the birth of a child, a job promotion or moving across country, others can be devastating, like losing a job, being robbed or being a victim of a serious commercial vehicle accident. Like any surprising event, accident victims do not anticipate being harmed by a negligent driver. Thus, victims are not prepared to deal with the aftermath of the crash.

Navigating a legal action after a commercial vehicle crash

In Louisiana, commercial vehicles play a vital role in society. Whether it is a semi-truck delivering a shipment, a garbage truck serving a community, a dump truck servicing a construction site, a bus transporting passengers or a taxi taking an individual to their final destination, companies, communities, industries, families and individuals rely on commercial vehicles to complete certain tasks. However, the drivers of commercial vehicles are hired by a company, which could result in numerous liable parties in the event of a commercial vehicle crash.

How safe are school buses?

With school already in session, or just about to resume, parents in Baton Rogue are concerned about the safety of their children while being transported to and from school in a bus. While school buses are designed to transport a large number of students in a safe manner, these vehicles are often not equipped with seatbelts. Additionally, in the event of a bus crash, passengers could be tossed around, causing serious and even fatal injuries.

What to do following a commercial vehicle accident

No one expects to get into an accident when they hop in their car and head out on the roads. But accidents happen, often causing damage, injuries and even deaths every day in the United States. While one can never predict if or when they will be in an accident, it can be helpful to know what to do in the event of an accident.

Bus accidents can result in serious harm to victims

Commercial vehicle accidents, including bus accidents, can have catastrophic consequences of victims. During 2011, there were 242 fatal bus accidents; there were 247 fatal bus accidents in 2010; and there were 221 fatal bus accidents in 2009. During the same period of time in 2011 there were 13,000 injury bus accidents; 12,000 injury bus accidents in 2010; and 9,000 injury bus accidents in 2009. The number of bus accidents that have resulted in injuries increased from 2009 to 2011.

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