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AI technology could help make Baton Rouge roads safer

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Louisiana residents have seen a significant rise in traffic fatalities, according to the NHTSA. In 2021, the state experienced a 19% increase in road deaths, the highest yearly increase in its history.

The increase in traffic fatalities in Louisiana requires immediate attention and action. Fortunately, a project at Louisiana State University is using cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to help address this serious issue.

Traffic accident rates

Several factors have contributed to the rise in traffic-related deaths in Louisiana in recent years. Officials believe certain hazardous behaviors have made road users more unsafe since 2020. Speeding and driving under the influence are dangerous choices. Distractions, such as texting while driving, make collisions more likely. Navigating intersections and roadway departures can be especially challenging for many road users. Not using a seat belt is also a major risk factor.

Use of artificial intelligence

In response to the increase in road fatalities, Louisiana State University has initiated a project using artificial intelligence to study driver behavior. The team at the LSU Center for Analytics and Research in Transportation Safety is developing a powerful AI resource. The AI analyzes video footage to identify high-risk traffic situations. This research could provide valuable insights into the causes of crashes.

This project gives special focus to accidents involving commercial vehicles. The findings could help create better training programs for commercial drivers. By understanding the factors contributing to these crashes, the team hopes to make significant strides in road safety.

By combining responsible driving practices with advanced technologies like AI, there is hope for reducing road accidents. This collaborative approach can help Louisiana have safer roads for all.