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How Is The MOVEBR Program Making Baton Rouge Roads Safer?

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2023 | Car Accidents |

The MOVEBR program is enacting changes here in Baton Rouge with the aim of improving safety for drivers and pedestrians.

There are many projects in the works to upgrade the roads and infrastructure in Baton Rouge. Learning about the MOVEBR program and its progress can help you understand its impact on this community.

The MOVEBR program’s objectives

MOVEBR comprises 93 ongoing projects. Overall, the goal of the MOVEBR initiative is to update roads, sidewalks and infrastructure in Baton Rouge and make these paths more accessible and less hazardous for everyone. For example, improving road quality can prevent accidents and tire issues for drivers. By adding new bike paths and sidewalks, the city can help cyclists and pedestrians of all ages stay safe and avoid collisions with motorists. New fiber for traffic signals can make traffic lights more reliable and useful.

Progress and upcoming projects

The MOVEBR program has already completed miles of sidewalk construction, and there are many more projects in progress. For example, there are new roadways and lanes currently under construction. The program is creating hundreds of new flashing messages for schools that promote pedestrian safety. There are also initiatives to modernize Baton Rouge’s traffic signal system. Although only a few aspects of the MOVEBR program are complete, the latest progress reports show that more improvements are underway.

The MOVEBR program is an infrastructure initiative aimed at improving road safety and access for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians in Baton Rouge, LA. This multifaceted effort contains dozens of smaller projects, many of which are still in progress.