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What are some common distractions that lead to accidents?

On Behalf of | May 12, 2022 | Car Accidents |

No matter if you are driving by yourself or with multiple passengers, you will likely encounter a situation where distractions can put you in danger.

Dealing with these incidents allows you to stay safe at high speeds and on new or different roads. Noticing how people around you deal with distractions is also important to avoid getting in a car accident.

Screens and words

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, whenever your eyes are off the traffic in front of you for even a short amount of time, your reflexes and reactions slow down. If a driver drifts from the lane they are in or fails to stop in time for an oncoming car, serious spine and brain trauma can happen to anyone inside the vehicle.

Glancing away from the road to read texts or watch videos can also result in a crash.

Pets and animals

When dealing with an excited dog or another animal, your first instinct may be to focus your attention on whatever noise it is making.

If you are in control of a car, even this short distraction can lead to you losing control of the wheel or accidentally speeding up without warning. Keeping all your pets in safe areas during your travel is the best way to avoid any confusion.

Areas outside the car

Craning your neck to see what is happening directly outside your vehicle or trying to slow down on a highway to look at a place alongside the road is dangerous. If you notice someone wildly changing the speed they are traveling as you continue on your journey, you may want to avoid them if they seem distracted while driving.