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How can you avoid motorcycle accidents?

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents |

As fun and freeing as motorcycles are, riders do face more risks. Motorcycles lack the protection of passenger vehicles, which means riders can experience substantial injuries during a crash. Depending on the circumstances, these injuries can be fatal.

While drivers have a responsibility to conduct themselves safely around motorcyclists, there are also steps you can take to ride safely. Here are a few of those steps.

Get the right license

Having a motorcycle license helps you avoid potential run-ins with the law. It also exposes you to important training necessary to operate the bike in the correct manner. If you are a new rider, practice as much as possible before getting out on the road. And if you recently bought a new bike, try to get accustomed to it before taking it out on long excursions.

Check your bike before riding

Checking the motorcycle before you ride can help identify possible safety issues. Check lights, brakes, and tires for any deficiencies. Be sure to top off fluids when low, and always make repairs in a timely manner when problems occur. Even minor issues can affect safe operation of the motorcycle.

Always wear a helmet

The right motorcycle gear can save your life in the event of an accident. Long pants and shirts protect your limbs from road rash, while sturdy boots keep your feet safe. Helmets are also crucial, as they can stop a major head injury from occurring. When shopping for a helmet, look for a DOT label somewhere on it. This label ensures the helmet meets current safety standards and is capable of protecting you should an accident occur.

Riders must also use safe behaviors and practices when on the road. That entails following all traffic laws and never riding when intoxicated.