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What are some unique factors in motorcycle crashes?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2021 | Motorcycle Accidents |

While drivers often discuss the sources of car and truck accidents, the factors that lead to motorcycle crashes may go unnoticed.

Whether it is on a back road or a highway, many unique factors make these vehicles less protected and more at risk for accidents.

Vehicle sizes

According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, the skills you need for using a motorcycle are different than a car or truck. One of these includes understanding the way drivers notice smaller vehicles. Collisions often occur because drivers who sit higher up in trucks do not see a motorcycle on the road.

Due to its small size, someone may open a car door into a passing motorcycle on a busy street without realizing it. This can easily throw you off the seat and cause severe injuries.

Road hazards

The amount of tires on the road also influences how much grip the vehicle has. It is much easier to accidentally lose your balance while on a motorcycle and crash than it is with a car or vehicle with four wheels.

Even common hazards such as rain or slick roads can be far more dangerous for motorcyclists than other drivers. Other issues, like potholes or unexpected items in the middle of a highway, pose a big problem as well.

Turns and signals

Even with the proper helmet and gear, motorcyclists can sustain serious injuries if a truck or car attempts to turn at the same time they do. Left-hand turns are especially dangerous if the drivers in the opposite lane do not notice or realize a smaller vehicle is turning.

Staying cautious and making sure the other drivers notice you is important for motorcyclists.