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How do doctors diagnose a concussion?

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2021 | Car Accidents |

After an auto accident, victims should have a medical professional check them for injuries. Further, car accident victims must know which injuries to attribute to the accident.

Mayo Clinic explains diagnostic examinations and tests medical professionals use to check for concussions. Learn how to tell the difference between a concussion caused by a motor vehicle collision and a migraine triggered by a heavy workload.

Cognitive testing

You could undergo cognitive testing to gauge your ability to think in the accident’s aftermath. Your physician may test your memory and focus.

Neurological testing

A neurological exam involves checking your reflexes, vision, hearing, coordination, balance, sensation and strength.

Physical evaluation

A doctor may want to observe you overnight after your accident to monitor you for signs of worsening symptoms. Rather than remain in a medical facility overnight, you could receive approval to go home for observation. At-home observation may involve someone staying and watching over you for 24 hours.

Medical evaluation

For your medical evaluation, expect to answer questions about the accident and symptoms you experience in its aftermath. A doctor could also review your medical history.

Imaging tests

Depending on the concussion symptoms you exhibit, a medical professional may recommend imaging tests to gauge your injury severity. To pinpoint shifts in your brain or better diagnose concussion complications, you may undergo a magnetic resonance imaging test. The X-ray images captured during a cranial computerized tomography help build a cross-sectional image of your brain.

Getting the facts on the extent of your car accident injuries helps you determine how much to seek in damages from the at-fault party. You should not suffer physically or financially for another’s negligence.