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How can I ensure other motorists see me on my motorcycle?

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2021 | Motorcycle Accidents |

In many accidents between motorcycles and passenger vehicles, the person driving the vehicle states that they did not see the person on the motorcycle. While this is likely true in many situations, it does not make a difference to the motorcyclist who may have sustained a serious injury or died in the collision.

Staying as visible as possible on the back of your motorcycle may mean the difference between a safe ride and one where you do not come back at all. According to Harley-Davidson motorcycles, you should ensure that your helmet and riding gear are as bright as possible and also consider the driving conditions before you set out on your ride.

Choosing the right colors

It is unfortunate that the motorcyclist’s iconic color is black. Black is one of the worst colors you could choose to ride on the back of a bike because it makes you less visible. The brighter you go, the better. If you do not think you can stomach wearing an electric Day-Glo textile jacket, consider throwing a vest over your black leathers.

The same applies to motorcycle helmets: brighter is better. But, if you are dead set on your dark motorcycle helmet, consider adding some reflective tape to the back of it. Black reflective tape is barely noticeable on a black helmet, but when a headlight beam hits it will make you more visible.

Consider the conditions

It is more dangerous to drive at dusk or dawn than at night in many circumstances. Dawn and dusk often produce blinding glare, which makes it more difficult for other motorists to see your slimmed-down motorcycle profile. If the Sun is behind you, this might also blind motorists coming the other way.