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4 Factors that contribute to car crashes

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Did you know that drunk driving crashes killed more than one person per hour in the United States? According to the CDC, 29 people die every day due to alcohol impairment. 

This figure is not car accident deaths in general. In fact, this does not even include drugged driving. It is just alcohol: one of the many things that lead to responsibility for car crashes. 

1. Drunk and drugged driving

Almost everyone knows that driving drunk endangers the people around you. Laws aggressively target the behavior, and enforcement is strict. Still, people drive drunk — and their negligence contributes to serious injuries. 

2. Distracted driving

Another leading factor associated with motor vehicle accident injuries is distracted driving. You know that you have to pay attention to the road, but people sometimes neglect that duty. It just is not worth it to check the phone. 

3. Drowsy driving

Driving without proper rest sometimes seems like it is a necessity, but you could become seriously injured if you do so. This is a factor in many commercial driving accidents, especially when trucking companies push their drivers to spend more time on the road. 

4. Unsafe vehicles

You never want to believe that your vehicle could be unsafe. However, the responsibility to keep cars functioning properly goes beyond the manufacturer and designer. Drivers also have a certain amount of duty to keep their cars functioning properly. 

Despite the term, most accidents do not just happen. Many times, there would be at least one factor that causes the accident or makes your injuries worse. One of the goals of filing a personal injury lawsuit is to place responsibility for your injuries exactly where it should be.