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Taking precautions when driving fatigued

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Car accidents are a frequent occurrence throughout Louisiana. There are ways to prevent them, however. One such way is to avoid driving when you are too fatigued. Here are some signs that you may be getting too tired to drive.

A lack of sleep

One of the most obvious signs of fatigue is a lack of sleep the night before. If you did not sleep at all the previous night, it may be best to not drive. You should strive for at least five hours of sleep to feel alert enough to prevent car accidents.

Your mood

You will feel more irritable and irate when tired. You could develop road rage when you typically do not have it, showing that you may not be as alert as you normally are.

Memory lapses

Many individuals who are too tired to drive will zone out while on the road. They will forget parts of the drive, losing attention to what is on the road.

Physical signs

A yawn is the most obvious physical sign of fatigue. You may also have a hard time keeping your eyes open or keeping your head up. Finally, you may feel as if you have to rub your eyes excessively to keep them open and alert.

Other drivers

It is important to note that you should always be alert to avoid car accidents. This is especially true as other drivers on the road may feel tired too. Look for these signs of fatigue from other drivers:

  • Inability to stay in the lane
  • Cell phone usage
  • Road rage and anger

Car accidents do happen for a variety of reasons, including driving while tired. If you are in an accident, contact a lawyer to discuss your options.