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First few minutes of car trips are the most dangerous

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Individuals in Louisiana who work close to home may be more at risk of a car accident than those with a longer commute. A study done by an Australian-based telematics provider looked at car crash data from thousands of car accidents. Researchers found that almost 25% of accidents occurred within the first three minutes of a car trip. An additional 14% occurred within the first six minutes of driving.

The researchers looked at data from devices installed in over 3 million cars in 2018 and 2019 as the basis for their study. The data showed that the majority of the car trips, 87%, were less than 30 minutes long. Only 1% of the analyzed trips were longer than an hour. Experts think that accidents may occur more often in short trips because drivers could be so used to their surroundings that they don’t pay as close of attention to the road.

Researchers believe that their findings could potentially save lives. By discovering that the most dangerous part of a car trip is during the first 10 minutes, measures can be taken to discourage short trips taken in cars. Walking, riding a bike or taking the bus on short trips may reduce car accidents significantly. Researchers also said that drivers who are on very long trips should take precautions by taking frequent breaks to prevent drowsiness from occurring.

Even those who take precautions when driving a vehicle can’t control those on the road around them. The injuries sustained in car accidents could require hospitalization, time off of work for healing and lost wages. If a driver behaved negligently and caused an accident, they may be responsible for civil damages. A personal injury lawyer may help someone injured in a car accident collect compensation by filing a civil suit.