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The online shopping surge and commercial drivers

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2020 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

It’s no secret that there has been a recent surge in online shopping. It’s easier than ever to shop from your phone, and with many companies offering faster and faster shipping, it may even be quicker than finding time in your busy schedule to drive to the store.

For instance, July saw a 55% increase in online shopping. August saw another 42% increase. Even though the rate of increase may have slowed, the total amount of online shopping is still going up. If you thought people bought a lot of items online in 2019, it’s nothing compared to what we have seen in 2020.

Of course, though you may not have to drive to the store with online shopping, someone has to deliver the package to your house. There has still been an increase in driving, but it’s just an increase in commercial drivers. This has led to more hiring by companies making those deliveries.

One thing that’s important to ask, though, is how this has impacted accidents. Are there more inexperienced drivers who may cause accidents? Are drivers seeing higher order totals and feeling pressure to drive faster and make more deliveries? Are companies willing to put unsafe drivers on the road because they feel desperate to keep up with the increase in online shopping, trying to take advantage of it for the most possible financial gain?

These are all potential problems that can impact anyone sharing the road with this surge in commercial drivers. If one of them causes an accident that injures you, make sure you know how to seek compensation.