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Beware of accidents in road construction zones

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Those who regularly drive to or around Baton Rouge often remark that the road construction projects never seem to cease. It’s true that there does seem to be a lot of road construction going on in Red Stick at any given season of the year.

The good thing is that with the completion of each project, the roads are ostensibly made safer and easier to navigate. The negative takeaway is that during the height of the road work, both highway workers and drivers experience enhanced risk on the roads and interstates.

Slow it down in work zones

Drivers should always reduce their speed in work zones. Those signs alerting motorists to the higher fines for violations in work zones mean business. But it is not just the fear of a ticket and hefty fine that should encourage you to lower your speed in work zones.

These zones are often significantly narrowed and the surface of the roadway may be uneven. That can make it far more difficult to keep control of your vehicle. If you are also speeding, this could be a recipe for a real disaster. In some cases, the road work necessitates the removal of barriers between traffic moving in the opposite direction. Failing to slow down as needed could potentially lead to a lethal head-on collision and subsequent pile-up of vehicles. The loss of life can be catastrophic in such cases.

Highway workers’ lives at risk

No driver would want to bear the burden of claiming a highway worker’s life because they failed to reduce their speed in a work zone. These men and women bravely face danger every shift they work. Having to work in tight conditions with traffic whizzing by only inches from you can be very nerve-wracking for highway workers who endure these conditions every shift. Sometimes, the workers toil at night under floodlights, making the work even more dangerous than during the daylight shifts.

Road construction accidents can be horrific

When cars collide in work zones, the consequences can be severe. Whether the impact is with another passenger car or truck, a highway worker or heavy equipment, the injuries suffered by the victims can be extensive and life-threatening. If you are injured in such an accident, you have the right to seek compensation through the Louisiana civil court system.