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Know the reasons why school bus accidents occur

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2020 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

Buses can be a convenient way of getting your kids to school, but they can also be very dangerous. School bus accidents are relatively rare compared to other traffic incidents, but they do happen, especially under certain conditions.

Sometimes drivers become distracted when they are behind the wheel. The distractions that preoccupy the bus operator often take place inside the vehicle rather than outside of it. Children may become noisy and unruly. It’s not uncommon for them to start fighting with each other. School bus drivers can also easily become distracted by their phones, drinking and even smoking.

Fatigue is an issue that can also impact a school bus driver’s attentiveness and skills. Drivers who become fatigued may have an even harder time noticing things in their blind spots. They may also experience slowed reaction times. Fatigue may also affect a school bus driver’s ability to maintain a proper speed, stay in their lane and their awareness of changes in road conditions.

School administrators may not properly maintain their buses due to budget cuts. They may become unsafe for the road as a result. Engine failure or a tire blowout could result in catastrophic injuries. Budget cuts could even result in overcrowded buses. Some students may have to stand or crowd into seats if this happens, creating a safety concern. A bus that is too heavy may also create stability issues in the vehicle.

While there aren’t a significant number of school bus accidents that happen every year, they do tend to be quite catastrophic in terms of the number of injuries that they cause when they do happen.

You may be entitled to collect monetary damages if your child receives injuries in a school bus accident. There are many unique lawsuit filing requirements and caps that apply to Louisiana publicly-funded entities such as Baton Rouge school districts. An attorney who is keen on helping victims get the justice they deserve is who you’ll want to advocate on your behalf for the best results in your case.