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There are a lot of new Amazon drivers on the roads

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2020 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

Amazon’s online sales have soared in recent months. They’re shipping out an incredible amount of products, and the demand just seems to keep rising. To keep up with it, they have started hiring new workers.

In March, they added 100,000 new workers. About a month later, in April, they hired 75,000 more. It became very clear that they were bringing on a massive new workforce in a short time.

While some of these workers are in warehouses, many of them are drivers. Do you remember when Amazon mostly shipped items through traditional methods, like UPS or USPS? You have probably now seen the blue Amazon-branded vans making the rounds. In some cases, Amazon drivers have been driving rental vans; the need to get them on the road immediately was greater than the need to have exactly the right vehicle.

Of course, this mentality can be dangerous. It means there are a lot of new commercial drivers, who may not have all that much experience with these oversized vehicles. It also means that many of them are rushing and trying to keep up with the delivery increases. Some of them could be working long hours and feeling fairly exhausted behind the wheel.

All of this means that accidents could increase. More vehicles and more new drivers, combined with the pressure of trying to get caught up, could put other drivers in danger. People could be hurt or killed in accidents that wouldn’t have happened a few months ago. If you get injured in a crash, you need to know what legal rights you have to compensation for your losses. That’s the best way to protect your future.