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If you can’t work, you could file a claim for those lost wages

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2020 | Social Security Disability |

You had a green light when you drove into the local intersection. You didn’t expect to get hit. Unfortunately, the other driver wasn’t paying attention and sped through the red light they had. You now have serious injuries to deal with.

When you get into a traffic accident, the reality is that you may no longer have the ability to work or bring in an income. You may have devastating injuries that take away your ability to do your old job or to train for a new one.

Part of your claim against the at-fault driver should include lost wages and compensation for the wages that you may have received if you would have continued to work normally. Even if you can return to a job, it may not be at the pay rate you had before. You might end up in a job that pays significantly less, because you can’t do the kind of complex work you did in the past.

When you lose your job or the ability to work because of a collision, it’s time to add up the losses

It’s important to add up what you’re losing as well as what you have already lost. When you speak with your attorney, you should remember to provide them with information such as the total amount of money that you earn per hour or on salary per month or year. Show the last date you worked.

Don’t forget about bonuses or benefits, because those add up as well. For example, if you’re going to lose health insurance, you may want to include that information for when you file a claim.

The more information your attorney has about your income, benefits and financial situation, the better. As they learn what you lost, they can extrapolate and show that you are losing in the future as well.

Of course, your financial losses are not all you can claim for during a personal injury claim. You may also be able to claim for losses related to a loss of consortium or mental anguish. You can claim for pain and suffering as well as damages to your property. You’ll want to claim for your medical bills and other losses, so that you are made whole by whatever award or settlement is given.

As someone who has been badly hurt, you deserve support and to be fairly represented. Your injuries may be life-changing, so it’s important to get the financial support you need moving forward.