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One of the biggest threats to motorcyclists: Other drivers

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Every motorcyclist knows about the risks they face. They must learn about these risks and how to minimize them as part of the process of earning a motorcycle driver’s license in Louisiana. With that in mind, good motorcyclists know how to watch out for slick roadways, obstructions and other hazards. Unfortunately, there is only so much they can do to protect themselves from one of the most serious risks they face: other drivers.

According to some researchers, as many as half of all motorcycle accidents involve another driver. Most of these are caused by the other driver violating the motorcyclist’s right of way.

Because cars are so much heavier than motorcycles, and because motorcyclists lack the protections afforded to drivers and passengers inside cars, any collision between a car and a motorcycle can easily lead to catastrophic injury or death for the motorcyclist even if the occupants of the car are completely unscathed.

While motorcyclists must learn about how to avoid accidents with cars and trucks during their training, other drivers don’t always get properly educated about how to avoid accidents with motorcycles. The number one tip for drivers to help keep motorcyclists safe on the roadways is to remember the danger and harm passenger vehicles can present for motorcycle riders. With that in mind, drivers should ensure they remain vigilant while driving and on the lookout for motorcycles. Drivers should take a second look for motorcycles and keep in mind that because of their smaller size, they may be more difficult to see and may also be closer than they initially appear.

Because motorcycle accidents do happen because of careless or negligent drivers, injured motorcyclists also need to be familiar with the legal protections available to them when harmed in a motorcycle accident.