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What is common carrier liability?

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2019 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

All drivers owe a duty of care and caution to those they share the roadways with and a negligent driver who does not exercise due care for the safety of others may be liable to the victims they harm.

However, common carriers are held to an even higher standard of care and may also be liable when they cause an accident such as a bus accident.

It is important for injured victims injured in a bus, taxi or in other types of accident on a common carrier to be familiar with what a common carrier is and what common carrier liability is. Common carriers include buses, taxis, commercial airplanes, passenger trains and cruise ships. In general, common carriers transport people or goods for a fee. Each owes a higher standard of care for the safety of their passengers.

Common carriers are regulated which means in addition to the common law standard of care they must follow, they must also follow the rules that regulate their industry. When common carriers fail to warn passengers of potentially dangerous conditions or is careless and negligent, the common carrier may be liable to compensate victims for their damages. There are certain requirements of a claim for negligence that must be satisfied so it is helpful for victims of a bus accident to be familiar with the legal elements they must meet.

Commercial vehicle accidents can result in serious harm and damages to victims which is why they should be familiar with the legal protections that can help them with the physical, financial and emotional damages they are left with. Legal protections can help injured victims with the unexpected damages they face after a common carrier accident.