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The need for speed isn’t as strong as one might think

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2019 | Car Accidents |

A previous post on this blog talked about the risks of driving at higher speeds. Nevertheless, it seems that many lawmakers both in Louisiana and other parts of the country are seemingly reluctant to do anything but increase speed limits on the highways in this state.

Their reluctance may not be in line with the attitudes of the voters in this state. In a recent study released by the National Safety Council, 68.5 percent of those asked, over two out of three, said that they would support reducing speed limits by five miles per hour, a move that has a documented track record of saving lives.

On a related point, those surveyed also indicated that, even in the face of privacy and other constitutional concerns, they would support giving law enforcement agencies more power to use cameras to identify and then cite drivers caught exceeding the speed limit.

Why some lawmakers continue to want to raise speed limits is not entirely clear, but this recent study suggests that drivers in Baton Rouge, generally speaking, do not have such a strong need for speed that they cannot see the value in slowing down to save a life.

The survey revealed the public’s openness to other traffic safety measures as well, particularly with respect to drunk driving. Those surveyed clearly supported the police using sobriety checkpoints more consistently and also supported other, tougher measures against drunk and drugged driving.

If anything, the study only reinforced that careful motorists view speeding as an unsafe driving habit. Those who are speeding and cause a car accident can be held accountable through the appropriate legal filing.