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Study examines factors in teen texting and driving

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2018 | Car Accidents |

In Louisiana and across the U.S., the troubling phenomenon of distracted driving is something everyone needs to think about when they head out. This is true whether driving, walking, bicycling or anything else. A distracted driver, by definition, is not paying attention to what he or she should be: the road. That means there is less time to react to an unexpected circumstance and simple issues such as a crosswalk or a red light might be ignored. This can cause a crash with injuries and fatalities. Studies are frequently done to examine this issue. One assesses the texting and driving behaviors of teens.

The study found that factors like age, race, failure to wear a seatbelt on a regular basis, and drinking were factors in teens engaging in distracted driver behaviors. States that allowed younger teens to have a learner’s permit had a higher frequency of texting and driving. In the study, at least 100,000 teens answered various questions about their driving habits. Several entities collaborated to formulate the results. Its goal was to determine which states had more teens texting and driving and who was at greater risk for doing so.

The teens ranged in age from 14 to 18. There were 35 states taking part. They had driven in the previous 30 days with 38 percent admitting to texting and driving a minimum of one time. Whites were found to have a higher likelihood of taking part in distracted driving activities than those in other races. For those who wore seatbelts infrequently, there was a 21 percent greater chance that they would also text while driving. If the teen admitted to drinking and driving, they were at double the likelihood of texting and driving.

Teens are generally inexperienced and are lacking in the same judgment that an older driver might have. Combining that with the propensity to engage in risky behaviors such as texting and driving and the pieces are in place for there to be auto accidents. Given the problems that can come about after a car crash, those who were injured or lost a loved one must be cognizant of how the accident will impact their lives in the short and long-term. A law firm that is experienced in helping those who have been affected by car accidents should discuss their case with a qualified attorney immediately and take the necessary steps to file a lawsuit.