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Dangers of a car crash are shown to be higher in August

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Louisiana drivers who go out on the road might not realize that there are specific days of the year that are riskier than others. Researchers, however, do keep track of these factors and use this information to try and improve safety by emphasizing the dangers of accidents and why they happen. This information can also be of use after an accident, when those involved or those affected by it consider a legal filing for compensation.

Research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safetystates that August 2 is the day with the highest number of road fatalities in any given year. This is higher than the days that would come immediately to mind as the most dangerous. The conclusions are based on the number of deaths from 2012 to 2016. It showed that there were 505 fatalities on August 2. Researchers attempted to discern how this could be the case. Encountering a drunk driver and inclement weather is not believed to be a common problem. A key point that is important to note is that many people take their vacation and head out on the road in August. Also, the nicer weather sparks a lack of caution.

Overall, the month of August has had a substantial number of deaths on the road in the time frame that was studied. There were more than 15,900 deaths in August alone during those years. The increased number of vehicles that are on the road is thought to be a major factor, but apart from that, there is no one single issue that is believed to be causing the spike. In another report, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. had almost 61,000 reports of crashes in August 2016. Based on a tracking device that assessed driver behaviors, drivers were prone to fast acceleration, hard braking and idling.

For those who are injured or have lost a loved one in a car crash, the time of the year or specific days might not seem all that important. What comes to the forefront is the injury, the medical costs, the lost time on the job, the inability to contribute to a family and the necessary aftercare. If there is a fatality, learning to live without the loved one can be a difficult time. It is vitally important to think about all factors such as the statistics for when and why crashes occur. A law firm that has experience in car accidents can assess this information and use it when helping clients with a lawsuit. Contacting a lawyer is key to a case.