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Study examines days and times when car accidents are more likely

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Drivers, pedestrians and anyone else on the road in Baton Rouge and throughout Louisiana must be cautious every day of the week. However, there are certain days of the week and times of day that are more dangerous than others, and people should be vigilant about that. Research examines these factors to determine the risk and to craft strategies to make the roads safer. Knowing this information can also be useful if there is an auto accident and the victims or their families would like to consider a legal filing for compensation.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that there has been an increase in the number of fatal auto accidents. NHTSA statistics were used to conclude the days and times at which the roads were the most dangerous. It found that the most dangerous day to be on the road was Saturday. The safest was Tuesday. Using fatality numbers from 2016, it discovered that of the 37,461 deaths overall, 6,802 happened on Saturdays. This is a 53 percent increase from the 4,444 who died on Tuesdays. Notably, other weekend days were found to be second and third respectively with 5,826 dying on Fridays and 5,809 on Sundays.

Another time at which it is dangerous to be on the road is in the evening rush after work. Drivers who are operating their vehicles under the influence of alcohol is a problem as well. In 2016 alone, there were just short of 10,500 fatalities that were related to people driving under the influence. 28 percent of the deaths had drivers whose blood-alcohol content was .08 percent or higher – this is the legal limit to be considered under the influence in every state in the U.S. People are more prone to be driving under the influence at night with the numbers 3.3 times higher than they are during the day. Speeding is also a factor with 10,111 people dying in accidents that had a vehicle moving too fast. That came to 27 percent.

With any auto accident, there will be a reason why it occurred. Those who are affected by the crash should be aware of why it happened as the medical costs, lost wages, loss of a loved one and other problems that arise in the aftermath of a crash often make it necessary to consider a lawsuit. Evidence is imperative in these cases. Having legal help to investigate and move forward with a case is essential. A law firm that is experienced in helping people after car accidents is vital to a claim.