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Traffic cones dropped from utility truck leads to auto accident

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Louisiana drivers who are paying strict attention to their surroundings will be watching for other vehicles, motorcycles, pedestrians and anyone else who comes into their vicinity. Other factors that can cause an auto accident include the weather or an unexpected issue with an automobile. Road hazards due to a negligent driver might not often be considered, but are a variable that can cause severe car accidents and result in serious injuries and death. When there is not an immediate knowledge as to what caused the road hazard, it becomes even more important for the injured person and the family of a person who might have died in an auto accident to have legal help.

Multiple vehicles on the road were involved in an accident when traffic cones fell off a truck. Two of the vehicles flipped over. In the series of accidents, two people were hurt. According to the general manager of the bridge, the cones fell off a utility company vehicle. This occurred in the late afternoon at around 3:30 p.m. Three of the cones landed in the right lane. Two were in the left. Both lanes were essentially blocked. Law enforcement was called about the cones. One officer stopped to remove them. Two vehicles stopped behind the cruiser. But a third vehicle hit them from behind. This led to the vehicles flipping with one on its roof, the other on its side. The injured people were hospitalized. The investigation into this incident is ongoing.

Any car accident can have long-term consequences to those involved. Some of these crashes happen under unusual circumstances. Regardless of how it happened, the aftermath is often the same. People are injured, lose time at work, accrue vast medical expenses and have physical issues that last for an extended period. Many car accidents can be easily broken down to determine how and why they happened. It might have been due to a driver under the influence, texting and driving, recklessness, negligence or for numerous other reasons. When the cause is as complex as finding a truck that dropped cones on the road and left people in danger, it is wise to consider a lawsuit to be compensated.

In this case, debris was left in the roadway by a truck. When law enforcement went to remove it, a vehicle rear-ended two others and caused injuries and hospitalizations. As the investigation into this auto accident and the apparent cause – cones dropped from a truck – continues, those who were injured must protect their interests and contact a lawyer who can assist them in pursuing a lawsuit.

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