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Legal assistance is crucial after commercial vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2018 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

Simply looking out of a window in Louisiana, and it is easy to see the number of commercial vehicles that are on the road. Sharing the road with these large vehicles that are frequently moving at a high rate of speed can be intimidating. In some cases, it can be downright scary. Since these trucks, buses and taxis are so common, integral to the economy and being able to travel efficiently, there is no eliminating them. Along with that will come the inevitable accidents. Those who have been injured in a crash with a commercial vehicle should remember their rights to seek compensation in a lawsuit.

Every year, there are an estimated half-million accidents involving trucks across the U.S. Because these trucks are so prevalent and they are sometimes operated recklessly, by a driver who is suffering from driver fatigue, or is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, there can be serious injuries and fatalities. People who are in smaller vehicles or are pedestrians will have little chance to get away from a truck accident unscathed. After the accident, a legal filing is often the only method to recover sufficient damages to cover for the hospital costs, lost time at work and other issues that will come up. If there was a fatality, this makes it even more vital to think about a lawsuit.

Taxi drivers and bus drivers are also common causes of accidents. In some cases, commercial bus drivers are not qualified to do the job and drive the vehicle in an unsafe manner. With taxi drivers, they will sometimes flout the law, speed, run through traffic signals and perform other dangerous acts because their income is largely contingent on volume and speed. People who are in an accident with or while riding in one of these vehicles can also suffer injuries and fatalities.

The investigation into any accident is the foundation for a successful legal case. If the driver was fatigued, under the influence or unqualified, it is important. If there was an issue with the vehicle such as poor maintenance, faulty equipment, too heavy a load or other problems, this too can be the basis for a case. Having legal assistance from the beginning is key. A lawyer who is experienced in helping clients who have been injured or lost a loved one in commercial vehicle accidents is the first call to make to pursue a case.