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Short days and dark nights pose risks to motorcyclists

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Many Louisiana residents enjoyed the time shift that occurred just a few weeks ago. As most Americans fell back an hour and relished in an extra hour of sleep, they were simultaneously forced to transition to days in which the sun sets earlier and the nights start much sooner than they grew accustom to over the summer.

Early nights pose risks to motorists because as the sun sets earlier it can be harder and harder for drivers to see obstacles and each other in the darkness of night. One population of motorists may become especially hard to see in the new early hours of darkness that come with the change of season: motorcyclists.

Visual recognition of motorcycles and their riders is a challenge even on the brightest of days as motorcycles get lost in vehicle drivers’ blind spots, are overlooked as the drivers of cars, trucks and SUVs make merges and turns and as they fall victim to other careless actions by other motorists. When darkness spreads across the sky, it can be even more challenging for drivers to spot their two-wheeled counterparts and more dangerous and sometimes deadly accidents may occur.

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