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Taking action after a commercial truck accident

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2017 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

Life in Louisiana brings with it many surprises. While some of these are positive, like the birth of a child, a job promotion or moving across country, others can be devastating, like losing a job, being robbed or being a victim of a serious commercial vehicle accident. Like any surprising event, accident victims do not anticipate being harmed by a negligent driver. Thus, victims are not prepared to deal with the aftermath of the crash.

Although commercial trucks have a valuable role in society, these large vehicles present many risks and dangers. If these vehicles are not operated safely or if a truck driver is fatigued, distracted or even intoxicated, this could result in a traumatic collision. While some of these crashes unfortunately result in fatalities, other victims survive the crash with life-threatening injuries. Because a commercial truck crash could alter the life of a victim, it is important to understand the step required to take legal action.

To begin, a background investigation must be conducted. By having this completed immediately, evidence can be preserved. This can also help with determining cause and liability in the crash. Next, witness statements should be collected. If anyone saw the crash occur, it is important to get his or her perspective. Witness accounts also include emergency crews and tow truck drivers.

A victim should also look into the driver’s employment history, driving record, experience and training. Investigating the driver’s employer is also pertinent. Finally, victims should find out if the truck involved had a “black box” on board. These devices record necessary data and could help with speed tracking, maintenance, inspection history and the GPS locations of the truck.

By taking initiate following a commercial truck accident, victims can better assess their situation. This not only helps uncover the cause and accountability with the crash, but it also assists a victim with the recovery of compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation and other related damages.

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