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Navigating a legal action after a commercial vehicle crash

In Louisiana, commercial vehicles play a vital role in society. Whether it is a semi-truck delivering a shipment, a garbage truck serving a community, a dump truck servicing a construction site, a bus transporting passengers or a taxi taking an individual to their final destination, companies, communities, industries, families and individuals rely on commercial vehicles to complete certain tasks. However, the drivers of commercial vehicles are hired by a company, which could result in numerous liable parties in the event of a commercial vehicle crash.

How safe are school buses?

With school already in session, or just about to resume, parents in Baton Rogue are concerned about the safety of their children while being transported to and from school in a bus. While school buses are designed to transport a large number of students in a safe manner, these vehicles are often not equipped with seatbelts. Additionally, in the event of a bus crash, passengers could be tossed around, causing serious and even fatal injuries.

How states across the nation are tackling distracted driving

In society today, it is frustrating to see how some individuals are consumed by technology. It appears as if residents in Louisiana and other states cannot go more than a few minutes without checking their phone or completing some task for society. But, there are some places where this does not need to exist.

What to do when the car accident isn't your fault - Part 2

Dealing with an insurance company after a car accident can be a very difficult process. It can leave you frustrated, confused and ready to give up. That is exactly what the insurer wants you to do. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to get the compensation you deserve.

What to do when the car accident isn't your fault - Part 1

Imagine driving to work along your normal route through Baton Rouge. You were expecting another normal day: go to work, be productive and return home. Your typical day took a dive when a distracted driver made a fateful turn -- illegally. Because the other driver chose to text instead of pay attention to basic traffic laws, such as red lights and right-of-way, you now have to deal with serious back and neck injuries and the damage to your car. In addition, it looks like you will be missing work for the foreseeable future.

Hit-and-run accident in Louisiana injures one and kills another

Today, most residents rely on motor vehicles. While these can be reliable forms of transportation, cars are also the source of risks. Even when a driver followed the rules, this does not protect them from a negligent driver. Whether it is due to speeding, distractions or intoxication, a negligent driver could be the source of a serious of even fatal automobile collision.

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