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5 causes of distracted driving on I-10

On Behalf of | May 20, 2017 | Car Accidents |

I-10 is a busy corridor that spans the width of Louisiana. Except for the short burst, you can travel on I-12 if you are bypassing New Orleans. Drivers going from one coast to the other using the southernmost route travel I-10. The congestion on this route as drivers travel around New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Lake Charles means drivers need their full attention on the road. Distracted drivers pose a hazard to everyone on the interstate, and victims of distracted driving accidents need to be aware of their legal options for obtaining full and fair compensation.

#1: Lost in thought

A wandering mind is the leading cause of distraction for drivers. These drivers don’t necessarily have anything in the physical form that is distracting them. Instead, they might be worried about something or just need to work something out. These drivers aren’t devoting all their concentration to driving, so they might not realize when they need to act. This accounts for 62 percent of all distracted driving fatalities.

#2: Cellphones and other electronic devices

The interior of a vehicle is full of electronics that can distract a driver. The climate control dashboard, radio and GPS systems can all take a driver’s attention off the road. As you undoubtedly know, cellphones are a huge distraction for drivers. In fact, at 12 percent, cellphone usage is the second leading cause of distracted driving fatalities.

#3: Eating

You will likely see all kinds of delicious foods that you can snack on when you stop for gas in southern Louisiana. Boudin, cracklins and similar offerings abound. If drivers want to eat these tasty treats, they should do so when they are still at the gas station. Trying to eat while driving is another serious cause of distraction for drivers. Eating while driving accounts for 2 percent of fatalities in which driver distraction was a factor.

#4: Chatting with passengers

Conversations with other people in the vehicle are a good way for the driver to stay awake. However, conversation can turn into a distraction. Keeping conversation light and not too loud can help to prevent driver distraction. Other people in the vehicle account for five percent of all distractions that led to fatalities on the roadway.

#5: Other distractions

Smoking is the primary factor in one percent of distracted driving crashes. Grooming habits, including makeup application, can also lead to distraction, as can reaching for items inside the vehicle and watching things outside of the vehicle.

Talk to a personal injury lawyer.

Victims of distracted driving accidents deserve full and fair compensation for injuries. If you have been injured by a distracted driver, speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible about your compensation options. A lawyer can assess your case, including the cost of medical care, and negotiate with the insurance companies to maximize the amount you receive for lost wages and medical bills.