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Injured in a pedestrian accident? Know your full range of legal options.

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2017 | Car Accidents |

When you’re walking on the sidewalk, on the side of the road or crossing the road, you’re probably very aware of any ongoing traffic. Sadly, not everyone operating a motor vehicle will be as aware of you. Some people decide to drive while intoxicated, distracted or otherwise incapacitated, putting pedestrians at unnecessary risk.

In 2016 in Louisiana, there were 1,470 pedestrian injuries caused by motor vehicles and 127 pedestrian fatalities. If you or someone you love was injured by a motor vehicle while walking or running, you need to speak with an experienced Louisiana personal injury attorney immediately.

An experienced personal injury lawyer can review your options and advocate on your behalf after a pedestrian/motor vehicle collision. In many cases, legal aid can help protect you from unscrupulous insurance companies that may offer an inadequate settlement in the hopes of relieving the company of any future financial obligation to you.

You should never accept a settlement offer without having it reviewed by an attorney. You should also politely refuse to speak with an insurance adjuster or make a recorded statement to any insurance company without an attorney present to help protect you.

Pedestrian accidents can have a lasting impact.

Even non-fatal pedestrian accidents can completely change your life. They can cause broken bones, spinal damage, brain damage and other serious medial issues. In some cases, you may recover after medical care and physical therapy. In other cases, such as brain and spinal damage, your ability to work or care for yourself, as well as your overall quality of life, could be changed forever.

You shouldn’t have to live with financial uncertainty in your future because of someone else’s negligence behind the wheel.

In addition to reviewing settlements and helping you negotiate more proactively with insurance companies, an attorney can help you explore other options. If the driver was drunk, was a local bar also responsible because the staff kept serving the driver? Was there a defect in the vehicle that contributed to the circumstances of the accident? Explore every avenue for accountability and financial recovery after a pedestrian/motor vehicle accident.

Your attorney will fight for you after an accident.

You shouldn’t have to worry about finances on top of trying to physically recover after an accident. Retaining the help of an experienced personal injury attorney after a serious pedestrian accident can make a major difference. Legal advocacy can help push your insurance company to do the right thing and negotiate for a more reasonable settlement. Your attorney can help you understand the available compensation options, as well as help you file a lawsuit to recover your financial losses after a serious injury.