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Why a Lawyer Is Inevitable After a Motorcycle Accident

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcycle Accidents are usually more devastating than other automobile crashes. The reason is that cars are more stable and have reinforced cabins to protect the occupants, unlike motorcycles which are open. Bikers should take safety precautions to mitigate the consequences of crashes as they can lead to serious injuries or fatalities. A motorcyclist should wear protective gear as per the law. However, being cautious as a motorbike rider does not guarantee you road safety. Other road users are known for contributing to motorcycle accidents mainly due to negligence and inattentiveness.

Motorcyclists have rights just like other drivers. However, many drivers tend to ignore the presence of bikes on the roads. When entering the main road from a smaller one or a driveway, you have to slow down or stop for other cars and pedestrians on the sidewalk. However, many drivers give priority to vehicles and utterly despise motorcyclists. 

Road carnages also occur due to limited visibility. Drivers have a hard time tracing motorcycles in fog even when riders dress appropriately for biking probably due to the small sizes of motorbikes. Vision worsens at night posing more danger to motorcyclists. Most of such accidents take place at junctions. The probability of a crash at intersections increases when there are objects like buildings or trees within the vicinity. However bad visibility may be, there is no justifiable reason for a car driver to hit a motorcyclist. Once a limited visibility motorcycle accident occurs, the other driver’s insurance company usually becomes incredibly stubborn. They devise all sorts of excuses to make you feel at fault and deny you compensation.

If you become a victim of a motorcycle accident in Louisiana, do not hesitate to call skilled Motorcycle Accidents attorneys from Baton Rouge. They will meticulously evaluate the evidence and merits of your case and build an undisputable case to protect your rights. If you partly contributed to the occurrence of the accident, the principles of comparative negligence will protect you from losing your reparation in entirety. It is advisable not to leave the accident scene until your lawyer arrives. Do not accept any offers from the driver’s insurance company.

Contact a qualified Louisiana Motorcycle Accidents attorney to protect yourself from the cruelty of insurance companies.