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How to Avoid Being Taken Advantage of by an Automotive Insurance Agency

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2014 | Car Accidents |

Staying healthy and solvent after an accident

The response that you mount in the aftermath of a car crash could make a big difference in how things play out in the coming months. Although it’s important to file a claim with your insurance company and cooperate with the agency as the process plays itself out, it’s just as critical not to take what your insurer says at face value.

Are Auto Insurance Companies Really Looking Out for Your Interests?

Before you enter into claim negotiations with your insurance company, you should understand one basic fact: Your insurer is looking out for its own interests as well as your own. As such, the adjusters with whom you deal with will be keen to issue the lowest possible payout in your case, even if the circumstances demand that you receive a fairer settlement. This doesn’t mean that insurance companies are evil or malicious. Like other businesses, they’re simply concerned about their bottom lines.

What to Expect From Your Insurance Company

Before your negotiation begins, you need to prepare adequately. This includes:

  • Coming to the table with a settlement figure in mind
    Presenting all the evidence in a fair, clear-eyed manner
    Not accepting the insurance company’s first offer unless it closely aligns with yours
    Ensure that your negotiating opponent can justify any offers that he or she makes
    Emphasize the pain and suffering involved in your ordeal

Understand the True Costs of Your Accident

Being prepared for your negotiation requires a firm understanding of the true costs of your accident. To acquire this understanding, it’s important to track and quantify expenses like:

  • Automotive repair bills and/or the replacement cost of your totaled vehicle
    Any medical bills that you accumulate as a direct result of your injury
    Medical bills that result from long-term or recurring injuries
    Any lost wages or time missed from work
    The financial impact of a partial or total permanent disability that impacts your ability to work
    Physical pain and emotional suffering that can be traced to the accident

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