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Worldwide study shows auto accident statistics are stagnant

Motor vehicle accidents are such a prominent problem in Baton Rouge, throughout Louisiana and around the world that it is imperative to pay attention to research on the subject. For those who are in a crash and suffer personal injury, they will understand the life changes they will experience as a result. When a family has lost a loved one, they too will be confronted with short and long-range issues that must be addressed.

Pedestrian-car accident risk high on LSU campus

Pedestrians are always at risk of being injured in a car accident in Baton Rouge and across Louisiana. Today, drivers are either in a rush to get from one place to the other and ignore basic traffic laws and safety procedures, or are distracted behind the wheel. Accidents happen due to these issues every day. One place where people are supposed to be safe, however, is a college campus and near schools. Unfortunately, the number of vehicle-pedestrian accidents on school grounds is worrisome. This is especially true for Louisiana State University.

Failure to yield leads to auto accident that injures deputy

Usually, it is Baton Rouge law enforcement officers who arrive at an accident scene to help those who have been in an auto accident and might have suffered injuries. What is easily forgotten, however, is that law enforcement vehicles are on the road just like any other vehicle and are vulnerable to the same dangers that everyone else is. A reckless driver, a negligent driver, a driver who is under the influence or a driver who simply does not follow the rules of the road can crash into a police cruiser just as easily as it can hit any other vehicle. When there is a crash, law enforcement officers can suffer injuries. They too can seek compensation in a legal filing after a crash.

Study shows a link in rise of Lyft and Uber fatal car accidents

For Louisiana residents, there are obvious dangers on the road. They will be aware of them and keep a close watch for these risks when out and about as drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. That includes distracted drivers, drunk drivers, negligent drivers and more. There are other risks people will face and, frequently, they will not even realize that it is impacting their safety. They can cause a car accident with catastrophic injuries just as easily as the above-listed, known issues. The common denominator in any crash is that there can be injuries and fatalities, and those who were impacted must remember their rights to attempt to seek compensation in a lawsuit.

Bicycle accident fatality statistics show Louisiana near the top

When there is a car accident in Louisiana, it can result in injuries and fatalities. Fortunately for many, they are protected by being in a vehicle and can be shielded from the worst kind of damage. Bicyclists cannot say the same. Many people in the state use a bicycle to get around. It is a great way to stay in shape, save money on transportation costs, and be environmentally friendly. When there is a crash between a motor vehicle and a bicycle, however, the rider will inevitably suffer serious injuries and death - far more often than an accident between motor vehicles. Part of seeking compensation in a legal filing after a car-bicycle accident is understanding the statistics of these accidents. A legal professional is key to all aspects of a case.

Woman, 55, dies in head-on auto accident

When a vehicle drives over the center line and into the opposite lanes of a Louisiana roadway, it is one of the most dangerous situations a driver who is going in the proper direction can face. There is literally nowhere for the driver to go to avoid the crash, and the best that can be hoped for is that the driver will somehow correct the path and go back into the applicable lanes or that the crash will somehow be mitigated and not end up as a head-on collision. After a head-on collision, there can be catastrophic injuries and fatalities. Those who have been harmed by this kind of auto accident must demand a full investigation and have help from a law firm experienced in car crashes.

Man suffers catastrophic injuries, dies due to alleged drag racer

In Baton Rouge and throughout Louisiana, many auto accidents are due to a reckless driver, a negligent driver, a distracted driver or a driver under the influence. When the accident is because of a driver who was not behaving in a lawful manner and did not exhibit any care about others who might be on the road, it is egregious. This is particularly true when it is because of drivers who were drag racing. Because an auto accident can cause catastrophic injuries and death, a legal filing might be necessary to get adequate compensation.

Study examines factors in teen texting and driving

In Louisiana and across the U.S., the troubling phenomenon of distracted driving is something everyone needs to think about when they head out. This is true whether driving, walking, bicycling or anything else. A distracted driver, by definition, is not paying attention to what he or she should be: the road. That means there is less time to react to an unexpected circumstance and simple issues such as a crosswalk or a red light might be ignored. This can cause a crash with injuries and fatalities. Studies are frequently done to examine this issue. One assesses the texting and driving behaviors of teens.

Auto accident on college campus injures four pedestrians

Car accidents can happen anywhere in Baton Rouge and across Louisiana, so it is wise for drivers, pedestrians and others on the road to be cognizant of their surroundings. This is even true in locations where there is supposed to be safety such as a college campus. Since vehicles will be operated on these campuses and there are often many people out and about - especially when the weather is pleasant - accidents can involve pedestrians and cause injuries and fatalities. When there is a crash, the investigation is key, but it is also important that those who were affected understand their right to seek compensation for medical expenses and other problems that come about because of the crash.

Driver found after fatal hit-and-run auto accident

When there is a car accident in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas of Louisiana, the drivers involved are expected to stop and render aid to the others who were in the crash. This is especially important when the accident involves a pedestrian. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, a driver might decide to flee the scene rather than wait. Those who were injured or lost a loved one in a hit-and-run auto accident must know they have the right to seek compensation in a lawsuit, specifically after a hit-and-run with a fatality.

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