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Failure to yield to motorcyclist leads to fatal Louisiana crash

One of the foundational aspects of people remaining safe when on the Louisiana roadways is adhering to the law and exercising caution. One law that is crucial for keeping motorists safe is yielding when they have the right of way. This is especially true for drivers who encounter motorcyclists. Because motorcyclists are deprived of the protection afforded to those in conventional vehicles, they can suffer serious injuries and death in a crash. When this happens, they and their family members should consider the necessity of filing a lawsuit for compensation.

Motorcyclist killed after crashing into van making U-turn

There are strict traffic laws in Louisiana that are meant to regulate what drivers do when on the road. The goal of this is not to cause an inconvenience, but to make certain that everyone is as safe as possible. However, not all drivers adhere to these laws, and it can cause an accident with injuries, even fatalities.

Underage driver in car kills two in head-on motorcycle accident

For a motorcyclist, there are many dangers on Louisiana roads. Many drivers of conventional vehicles are troublingly unaware of motorcycles, do not yield to them as they should, fail to share the road with them, and perform other negligent or reckless acts that place riders in jeopardy. When there are motorcycle accidents, the rider can suffer significant and catastrophic injuries. It is not uncommon for these crashes to be fatal for the motorcyclist. After a crash, it is crucial to understand the value of having legal assistance to consider a lawsuit to be compensated.

Holding a motorist accountable following a motorcycle crash

Whether you rack up thousands of miles a year or only a few hundred, motorcyclists enjoy their time on their bikes. To many, it is a serious hobby, taking to the road as often as they can and seeing new sights. No matter how much it is ridden, bikers are aware of the constant and growing dangers. This often causes them to take safety measures before taking to the road. While these steps do help, they may not be enough to evade a serious accident.

Protecting your rights following a motorcycle crash

Unlike most other motor vehicles, motorcycles are often ridden for pure enjoyment. When the weather is nice, one can enjoy it while driving to places he or she has never been. Just like other motor vehicles on the roadway, motorcycles have the same rights and privileges. This means that other drivers must yield to them, drive a safe distance from them and watch for them in their mirrors and blind spots. However, some motorists fail to do so, causing a serious and even fatal motorcycle crash.

Short days and dark nights pose risks to motorcyclists

Many Louisiana residents enjoyed the time shift that occurred just a few weeks ago. As most Americans fell back an hour and relished in an extra hour of sleep, they were simultaneously forced to transition to days in which the sun sets earlier and the nights start much sooner than they grew accustom to over the summer.

Helping you collect damages following a motorcycle accident

Year round, Baton Rouge residents can expect to encounter or see motorcyclists on the roadways. Because of the nice weather, it is ideal for locals and visitors to cruise around on their bikes and enjoy the outdoors. While it is an enjoyable and efficient way to get around, motorcyclists are susceptible to certain risks and dangers. Because of their small size, motorists do not always see them, this could result in a collision by a vehicle failing to check their mirrors and blind spots, signal a turn or even yield to an oncoming biker. Thus, a motorcycle accident ensures, resulting in serious and catastrophic injuries.

Off-duty Louisiana police officer dies in motorcycle accident

Motorcycle accidents often occur when drivers of larger vehicles fail to stop for motorcycles with the right of way or fail to see motorcycles when the vehicle drivers are making maneuvers with their cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles. These common mistakes often result in significant injuries to the motorcyclists who were unfortunate enough to be in the vicinities of negligent drivers. In some cases motorcyclists and their passengers are killed due to the dangerous driving practices of others.

What are the common causes of motorcycle accidents?

Residents in Louisiana enjoy the ability to ride their motorcycles year-round. Because the weather is often nice, traveling by motorcycle can be an enjoyable and efficient way to get around. While there are many benefits for riding a motorcycle, there are some downsides. These small vehicles face many risks on the roadways, and when a motorcycle crash occurs, bikers are likely to suffer a wide range of serious injuries.

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