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Does a motorcycle helmet really help protect riders from injury?

One common refrain that motorcyclists often hear is that wearing a helmet can protect them from injury. Motorcycles lack a lot of the inherent protections of a car, and their bodies are likely to hit the ground or a vehicle in a crash. Therefore, the helmet is their first line of the defense.

Motorcyclists should watch for distracted drivers behind them

As a motorcyclist, you spend most of your time watching the traffic ahead of you, beside you and coming your way. The biggest threat from distracted driving seems to be a driver who begins drifting into your lane from the oncoming lanes or someone who merges without seeing that you're already occupying that lane.

Is lane splitting legal in Louisiana?

Lane splitting is famously legal in California. It's a tactic that motorcyclists use to ride between parked cars in traffic. They can fit between the stopped vehicles and, by weaving between them, they can keep moving even in a traffic jam. California is notorious for its poor traffic conditions, so this ability gives motorcyclists an edge.

To prevent motorcycle accidents, drivers must be aware

After many serious motorcycle crashes caused by other drivers, those drivers offer an all-too-simple explanation for the crash: They never saw the motorcycle at all. They pulled out of a driveway or turned left across the oncoming lanes, thinking the way was clear. Then the bike slammed into the car, seemingly coming out of nowhere.

Statistics to back up motorcycle helmet use

When learning how to ride a motorcycle and looking into the gear that you'll need to buy, the top recommendation from most experts is to take your time and buy the best helmet for you. It should fit perfectly, it should be highly rated and it should give you protection every time you get on your bike -- from short trips across town to long road trips all over the country.

Legal protections for motorcycle accident victims

Though motorcycle riders have the same rights and privileges on the roadways as other drivers and vehicles, other drivers do not always behave as though they do. Too often other drivers are negligent, careless or inattentive when it comes to motorcycles which can lead to serious harm for motorcyclists and motorcycle accidents.

One of the biggest threats to motorcyclists: Other drivers

Every motorcyclist knows about the risks they face. They must learn about these risks and how to minimize them as part of the process of earning a motorcycle driver's license in Louisiana. With that in mind, good motorcyclists know how to watch out for slick roadways, obstructions and other hazards. Unfortunately, there is only so much they can do to protect themselves from one of the most serious risks they face: other drivers.

The costs of motorcycle accidents for motorcycle accident victims

Motorcycle accidents can be costly to victims physically, financially and emotionally so motorcycle accident victims and their families need to know how to protect themselves. The personal injury legal process is available to help protect victims from the harm they have suffered in a motorcycle accident.

What motorcycle accident victims can do to protect themselves

Motorcycle crashes can result in catastrophic injuries to victims because of their vulnerability on the roadways and their vulnerability to negligent drivers. A negligent driver who has injured a motorcycle rider may be liable to compensate the victim for the damages they have suffered, which commonly includes physical, financial and emotional damages.

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