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Drivers make poor choices, and it puts you at risk

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Drivers make hundreds of choices every time they get behind the wheel. Most of them are good choices or at least decisions that do not have negative consequences.

However, all it takes is one poor choice out of all those hundreds of choices for them to cause a car accident. If you’re sharing the road with them, that puts you at risk. Here are some of the common mistakes they make:

  • Continuing to drive even when the weather gets so bad that no one should be on the road.
  • Making poor left turns, such as turning when there isn’t enough space or stopping in the middle of the turn and blocking the lane.
  • Taking pictures, texting or using their smartphone in any way while they drive.
  • Rolling through a stop sign instead of really stopping.
  • Driving aggressively and quickly, which leaves little room for error
  • Eating while they drive in an effort to save time.
  • Using the same roads so often that they get boring and the driver becomes complacent.
  • Driving after having any amount of alcohol to drink.
  • Not stopping at yield signs, even though they’re supposed to when other cars are present.
  • Not making good judgments regarding where other cars are positioned, how fast they’re going and the like.
  • Driving when they are too tired to be behind the wheel.
  • Passing aggressively just because they want to go faster.
  • Not learning how to use their mirrors or not checking blind spots.

If someone makes one of these mistakes and you get injured, you may deserve compensation for your medical bills and related costs.