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Woman dies in Baton Rouge accident

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2020 | Car Accidents |

An 81-year-old woman died after a recent car accident in the Baton Rouge area.

According to authorities, the accident happened in broad daylight. Another vehicle hit the lady’s vehicle head-on. Police said that the driver of the vehicle which caused the impact was attempting to perform a U-turn on a city street but apparently lost control of the vehicle, causing the collision. While rescuers attempted to treat the woman, she succumbed to her injuries shortly after the accident.

It was not clear whether the U-turn was legally preformed, nor was it clear whether and to what extent the person was injured.

Obviously, those who perform a U-turn must do so in compliance with Louisiana’s laws. There are many intersections in the Baton Rouge areas where U-turns are simply not allowed. Motorists must follow traffic signs and otherwise not even try to make a U-turn when doing so is prohibited. In such situations, it is often dangerous to make a U-turn.

Even if a U-turn is permitted, drivers who are making one must use proper precautions. For instance, they have to look carefully in both directions and yield the right of way. Doing so is especially important when a driver is attempting a U-turn at or near an intersection. Moreover, it is always risky to try to do a U-turn too fast, as the momentum could make it difficult to keep control of one’s car.

Especially when on a busy street, an improper U-turn can cause a serious or even fatal car accident. Following such an accident, the victim or the victim’s family may have the option to recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and non-economic damages like pain and suffering.