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Holding a motorist accountable following a motorcycle crash

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Whether you rack up thousands of miles a year or only a few hundred, motorcyclists enjoy their time on their bikes. To many, it is a serious hobby, taking to the road as often as they can and seeing new sights. No matter how much it is ridden, bikers are aware of the constant and growing dangers. This often causes them to take safety measures before taking to the road. While these steps do help, they may not be enough to evade a serious accident.

Some motorists view motorcyclists as reckless, as they weave between vehicles and speed on by. For the most part, however, motorcycle accidents are not caused by a motorcyclist. This means that a negligent motorist is to blame. Whether they fail to yield right of way, neglect to look at their blind spots or mirrors before making a maneuver or travels too closely to a motorcyclist, these are all negligent acts that could lead to a crash.

At the Luck Law Firm, PLC, we view motorcycle crashes as one of the most tragic and devastating. Because a hard exterior does not protect the rider, he or she is likely to be thrown. This can result in catastrophic and life-threatening injuries. This often means much financial hardship and medical bills piling up as the victim is likely unable to work while they recover.

No one expects to be left with the damages that result from a motorcycle accident; thus, it is important to understand your rights and options. We focus on the need and goals of our clients, explaining to them the personal injury process. To learn more, check out our law firm’s online information about motorcycle accidents. This information can help victims hold negligent driver accountable while also assisting with the recovery of compensation.