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Drivers of commercial vehicles must hold special licenses

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2017 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

It is a rite of passage for most teenagers to obtain their driver’s licenses. Most cannot wait to experience the freedom of getting behind the wheel of a car and taking off on their own. Each and every day, Baton Rouge teens earn the privilege of operating motor vehicles on Louisiana road and freeways.

Most individuals maintain their driver’s licenses throughout their lives so that they can continue to operate personal motor vehicles. For many, standard driver’s licenses are enough to allow them to drive the vehicles they want so that they may travel to where they want to go. However, individuals who want or need to drive large commercial vehicles are required by law to possess additional licenses that demonstrate their capacity to handle massive trucks.

A commercial driver’s license (CDL) is a requirement for individuals who drive semis, fluid tankers and other commercial trucks and vehicles. A driver must pass a knowledge test and a skills assessment in order to get a CDL, and, once it is obtained, a driver must abide by many rules and regulations in order to maintain their right to operate commercial vehicles.

Drivers who must operate specialized trucks, such as those with extra cargo spaces, may have to obtain additional licensure endorsements to drive their rigs. A driver who does not have the appropriate license to operate a commercial truck may face significant legal challenges if during the course of their operation of the truck they cause a vehicle accident.

Individuals who have suffered harm by unlicensed commercial vehicle drivers have rights to seek compensation for their accident-related losses. To learn more, victims of commercial vehicle accidents are encouraged to discuss their potential cases with trusted personal injury attorneys.